Kickstart Scheme

We are acting as an official government gateway to the Kickstart Scheme. Enabling small-medium businesses with the possibility of employing young people today!

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What is The Scheme all about?

Are you finding it difficult to fund your young employees?

It will not be an issue anymore. The KickStart Scheme has you covered and Vasave Business Solutions is acting as an official government gateway. We are taking part in this scheme in order to give young people the chance to boost their employability and gain the crucial experience needed in the workforce.

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Our Role

Vasave Business Solutions recognises the importance of the younger generation and the role they will play in future. This is why we are looking to enable small and medium businesses with the opportunity to allow young people to learn and progress professionally through their business with the Kickstart Scheme.

Why Choose Us

Vasave makes a great deal of effort in ensuring that the customers need are met, as we work very close with our clients and customers. As we are based in Croydong, we are a short distance from the capital.

We receive tremendous gratitude and appreciation for going above and beyond with our customer support, which allows us to keep our outstanding track record.

As well as this, our company is known to work alongside the youth, and we recognise the power and potential of every person, regardless of age.

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Benefits for Small/Medium Businesses

Small businesses will be able to attract motivated young people who are eager to enter organisations in order to obtain relevant experience and skills, which will help both the workforce and the employee, thanks to Vasave Business Solutions.

With the Kickstart Scheme, you are entitled to government funding if the job placement covers the following:

  • the relevant National Minimum Wage for 25 hours a week.
  • the associated employer National Insurance contributions.
  • employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions.
  • funding also available to support young people to develop new skills and help them into sustained employment after they have completed their kickstart funded job.