Expert Security

Anti-Targeted Attack Platform

Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform ensures corporate frameworks against complex dangers and designated assaults, with no requirement for different assets. As a result, complex incidents are quickly recognized and explored, while manual assignments are decreased, and the effectiveness of the Security department and SOC group is improved. In addition, multi-tenure engineering is supported - especially important for Managed Service Providers requiring to protect various customers at the same time against designated assaults and high-level cybersecurity threats. Some of the features are:

  • Data acquisition and centralized storage
  • Comprehensive analysis and timely detection
  • Practical investigation of complex threats
  • Delivers in-depth research powered by Kaspersky Threat Intelligence and MITRE ATT&CK framework mapping

Endpoint Detection and Response

EDR provides a simple, easy to use tool kit providing deep visibility, simplified root cause analysis, IoC (Indicators of Compromise), scanning, automated response across all endpoints.

Features Include:

  • Provides deep visibility, simple investigation tools and automated response options not just to detect threats, but to reveal their full scope and origins and to instantly respond. Minimizing business disruption and risk.
  • Saves time and optimizes both manpower resources and IT overheads through simple centralized controls and proper workflow from a single console, available both on premises and cloud.
  • A user-friendly EDR tool kit combines unequalled endpoint protection capabilities and advanced detection of Kaspersky Endpoint security.

Managed Detection & Response

Kaspersky Managed Detection and Response conveys progress, nonstop insurance from the developing volume of dangers dodging mechanized security obstructions, giving alleviation to associations battling to discover specific staff or with restricted in-house assets.

Endpoint Security for Business

Product delivers the best protection for medium and large business, with:

  • flexible deployment.
  • intelligent reporting
  • minimal false alarms

Automated Security Awareness Platform

Over 80% of all digital occurrences are brought about by human mistake and ventures lose millions recuperating from staff-related episodes.The Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform (ASAP) is a comprehensive security mindfulness arrangement and new way to deal with online instructive projects that gives information as well as constructs genuine digital cleanliness abilities.

Effortlessness in setting preparing goals, a computerized learning way, genuine significance and noteworthy revealing assurance program appreciation and an incentive for workers and friends of the board. Despite the fact that ASAP is extremely simple to deal with, certain clients actually really like to welcome their IT specialist co-op – for example the Kaspersky Lab's accomplice – to perform design and the board.

The pay from these supervised administrations goes straightforwardly to the accomplice (and, obviously, we offer free preparation to their experts to offer these types of assistance).

Kaspersky Lab has a group of PC based preparing items that use the most recent learning procedures and address all levels of the authoritative construction:

  • Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS) is a 2-hour-long intuitive group game that builds up a comprehension between leaders and changes their impression of network protection.
  • Cyber Security for IT Online (CITO Training) is the first available intuitive preparation for IT generalists. The preparation fosters the useful abilities fundamental to perceive a potential assault in an apparently kindhearted PC occurrence, and gathering episode information for handover to the IT Security office

Features Include:

  • Training deal is often a first step in working with the new client.
  • The training is designed to be unique and actionable and easy to explain and learn.
  • All training can be done online so there is no need for a skilled trainer to conduct the sessions.
  • Attractive partnership model with handy SKUs and profitable licensing terms.

Threat Intelligence Portal

Kaspersky Threat Intelligence includes:

  • Threat Data Feeds
  • CyberTrace
  • APT Intelligence Reporting
  • Financial Threat Intelligence Reporting
  • Customer-specific Threat Intelligence Reporting
  • Threat Lookup
  • Cloud Sandbox

Features Include:

  • Effective alert triage, analysis and initial response: Allow instant danger recognition and prioritization while giving rich and noteworthy setting to direct further examination, via consequently coordinating with the logs against danger.
  • Boosts incident investigation and threat hunting: Kaspersky Threat Lookup is an accessible online information store that gives admittance to all Kaspersky's information on dangers, real articles and their connections, empowering profoundly viable and complex episode examinations.
  • Facilitates fully-informed strategic decisions:Having a far reaching perspective on the organization's danger scene assists with changing data security procedures appropriately, and design and legitimize certain speculations covering the most probable assault vectors.

Hybrid Cloud Security

  • Securing server workloads and VDI with best of breed endpoint and network protection
  • Providing complete visibility of IT assets through our own and cloud native discovery tools
  • Streamlining the rollout of security agents
  • Simplifying security management through granular control, security automation, pre-defined configurations and policies
  • Leveraging technology partnerships to eliminate barriers that hinder execution of the cloud strategy and increase cyber risks

The product is available in two tiers:

  • Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security Standard includes the essential protection suitable for most companies.
  • Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security Enterprise benefits companies that employ hardening scenarios with Default Deny, need to satisfy stringent compliance requirements, require additional network protection for their VMWare deployments, or maintain complex, large-scale environments.

Features Include:

  • Next-generation protection against the latest malware
  • IDS/IPS for virtualized and cloud workloads
  • Anti-ransomware protection for guest OS and shared data
  • Cloud-assisted server protection
  • Exploit prevention
  • System hardening
  • System Integrity (File Integrity)
  • Protection for terminal servers
  • Container protection
  • Traffic security

Benefits Include:

  • Optimum efficiency
  • ‘Single pane of glass’ management
  • Deployment flexibility
  • Scalability by design
  • Role-based access

Kaspersky Sandbox

Kaspersky Sandbox saddles our best master rehearses in fighting complex dangers and APT-level assaults, giving progressed assurance without the requirement for data security experts.

A sandbox is additionally a piece of the Kaspersky Anti-Targeted Attack Platform and the Kaspersky Threat Intelligence stage. It assists with rating records and URLs as malignant or generous and gives data on their action that is valuable for making identification rules and calculations.

The Sandbox collects the following ‘objects’ also called ‘artifacts:

  • Application execution logs
  • Memory dumps
  • Loaded module dumps
  • Changes in file system/registry
  • Network traffic (PCAP files)
  • Screenshots (for manual for easier audit and manual analysis, if needed)
  • Artifacts and exploit activity

Features Include:

  • The sandbox depends on equipment virtualization, which makes it quick and stable.
  • VMs are accessible for: Windows OS (all PC variants beginning from Windows XP, all worker forms beginning from Windows Server 2003), Android OS (x86, ARM processor design).
  • The sandbox screens collaboration of the investigated interaction with the OS (around 30 huge numbers of various APIs are watched). In dubious cases, the sandbox goes further.
  • The sandbox gives abuse location beginning from the beginning stages of misuse. It recognizes commonplace endeavor conduct, for example, ROP chain utilization, store splashing, stack turning, security token changes, dubious memory assurance changes and others.
  • The sandbox is equipped for identifying even progressed abuses utilized in designated assaults.

Benefits Include:

  • Improved defenses against unknown threats
  • Overcome the shortage of specialists and expertise
  • Cost effective solution for distributed networks