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Training Introduction To Importing

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Businesses all over the UK look to international suppliers for all types of goods. This is due to imports allowing businesses to have an edge against their competitors.

You may be able to find lower-priced supplies; or new supplies allowing you to sell a completely different type of product. It’s a similar concept when buying within the UK, you have to make sure a supplier offers what you want, and at the right price.

The course will inform you on the basic procedures, terminology and documentation involved when importing for your business, giving you an overview of the process involved when importing.

Learning Outcome

  • A background to Importing
  • The balance of Trade
  • Indirect and Direct Importing
  • The role of clearing an Agent
  • Evaluation of risks – Supplier Due Diligence
  • Processing and Import Orders – the Contract of Sale
  • Key Documentation included
  • The role of HM Customs
  • Import Duties
  • Import VAT
  • Import Landed Cost Calculation
  • Evaluation Methods for Imports
  • Tariff Codes – HS / CN / TARIC
  • The Import Process
  • CPC Codes – A brief explanation of what they are
  • SAD C88 Form – An overview
  • Incoterms – Application and Impact on Imports

Who Should Attend

Introduction to Importing training course is suitable for new importers. It is also suitable for people working in import but has never had formal training. The following business departments that this course will apply to are:

  • Customer Services
  • Shipping
  • Purchasing
  • Accounts and Finance
  • Import Administration
  • Logistics
  • Production Planning
  • Technical Support
  • Quality and Standards
  • Repairs
  • Distribution

Training Introduction To Exporting

Training Introduction to Exporting


Selling through international trade can be difficult. This is why Vasave Business Solutions is here to help you in the transition to Exporting post-Brexit.

Customs Training: Introduction to Exporting covers all the key areas of exporting from the UK, enabling new exporters to deliver goods abroad with ease. The content covered in this course is delivered in such a way that ensures it is understood by anyone taking it. The course is suitable for new businesses/individuals in the industry, and veteran exporters looking for a refresher. We also provide an excellent platform for delegates, allowing them to continue to their learning path on to more specialized courses.

This course will provide a professional-grade understanding of the export process, the export documents required and will also answer many of the questions raised whilst preparing and progressing export orders for customers overseas.

Learning Outcome

Introduction to Exporting
  • Proof of Export
  • Checking Customs Entries
Tariff Codes
  • What a tariff code is used for
  • How to classify a product
Basic Export Documents
  • Invoices
  • Packing Lists
  • Shipping Documents
Country of Origin
  • Why is a Country of Origin Certificate required?
  • How to determine the origin of product?
Trade Agreements – How trade agreements work
  • Overview of Trade Documents
  • Invoice Declarations
Incoterms – Shipping Risks
  • An overview of terms
  • How to use the terms
  • Common Misunderstanding

Who Should Attend

This course is most suitable for new exporters or people working in export and have not received official training.

The departments within a business that this course would apply to are:

  • Customer Services
  • Export Administration
  • Shipping and Distribution
  • Export Sales
  • Logistics